selected publications

Communicating Sustainability. Editor (with Josef Mantl & Sen. Marc Pacheco), book project, work in progress, forthcoming in 2011

Energy sustainability (working title), in: Dan Hamilton, Transatlantic 2020, work in progress, forthcoming in 2020

Active, Innovative, Dissonant – and Effective? Multi-Level Climate Policy in North America, in: Climate Policy, accepted, forthcoming in 2011

La producción de alimentos y la contaminación, in: El Nuevo Herald (with Danielle Nierenberg), 9 Dec 2o10

Mapping the future: Why bidding farewell to fossil fuels is in our interests – and how it can be done, in: Climate Action 2010.  London & Nairobi: UNEP & Sustainable Development International (launched at COP 16, Cancun), November 2010, p.60 ff.

Nur Europa kann Can’tcun verhindern, in: Wiener Zeitung, 26 Nov 2010

Obama und der Klimaschutz: Was vom Ehrgeiz uebrig blieb, in: Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 2 Nov 2011

From Flop’enhagen to Can’tcun? US climate policy before the mid-term elections and the UN summit, in: bridges vol. 27, Oct 2010

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in China: Current Status and Prospects for 2020 (with Haibing Ma et al.), Worldwatch Report 182, September 2010.

Glacial Melt and Ocean Warming Drive Sea Level Upward (with John Mulrow and Shakuntala Makhijani), in Vital Signs, Jul 2010

Implications of a Low-Carbon Energy Transition for U.S. National Security. Worldwatch Policy Paper. April 2010

Towards a Global Green Recovery – Supporting Green Technology Markets. Report commissioned by the Policy Planning Staff of the German Federal Foreign Office, Atlantic Initiative (Berlin: August 2009) (with Jan Kallmorgen and Aaron Best)

America’s Opposite Hand: Germany’s Parties Agree on the Necessity of Environmental Protection and a Green New Deal (Washington, DC: AICGS, June 2009).

Emerging countries as partners of German climate policy, in: Günther Maihold and Stefan Mair, Germany’s Cooperation with Leading Powers of the South (Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2008) (in German)

Overcoming the Lethargy: Climate Change, Energy Security, and the Case for a Third Industrial Revolution, AICGS Policy Report #34 (Washington, DC: AICGS, July 2008).

European Climate Diplomacy: The Challenges and Opportunities Ahead, in European Council on Foreign Relations,European Foreign Policy Challenges (Brussels: 2008).

Europa Riding the Hegemon? Transatlantic Climate Policy Relations, in: Davis B. Bobrow & William Keller, Hegemony Constrained: Evasion, Modification, and Resistance to American Foreign Policy (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2008: 144-166.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? Europe, the United States, and China at the World Climate Conference, FACET Commentary No. 6, February 2008.

The Failures of American and European Climate Policy: International Norms, Domestic Politics, and Unachievable Commitments, Global Environmental Politics, November 2007, pp. 149-51.

International Climate Policy after Nairobi (Berlin: SWP, 2007) (in German)

Conflict or Cooperation? Transatlantic Environmental Relations (with Markus Schaper), in Thomas Jäger, Alexander Höse, and Kai Oppermann, Transatlantic Relations (Wiesbaden: 2005), pp. 235-52. (in German)

Gleneagles: A New Opportunity for Climate Policy (Berlin: SWP, 2005).

Wanted: Leadership, in Alex Riechel and Aldo Venturelli, Building a Foundation for Climate Policy (Villa Vigoni: Loveno, 2005), pp. 51-62.

From Mars and Venus Down to Earth (with Joshua Busby), in David Michel, Climate Policy for the 21st Century(Washington, DC: Brookings/SAIS, 2005), pp. 35-76.

Global Governance in the Issue Area of Climate Change, in René Gradwohl and Christoph Pohlmann, Renaissance of Transatlantic Relations – Perspectives of a New Partnership (Berlin: 2004), pp. 13-21.

Towards a Transatlantic Consensus on Climate Change (Editor, with Aldo Venturelli), (Loveno di Menaggio: 2004).

Sustainable Climate Protection Policies (Editor, with Friedemann Müller) (Ebenhausen & Berlin: 2000).

Author of a series of dossiers on climate policy for the Heinrich Boell Foundation, e.g. on the climate policy of U.S. states and U.S. industry


Hope’nhagen: Was ist vom Klimagipfel zu erwarten? Wiener Zeitung, 9 Dec 2009

Briefing of Austrian journalists on US and transatlantic climate policy (Kurier, Die Presse, Der Standard, Wiener Zeitung, APA), 19 October 2009

TV Finland Interview on US climate policy and Copenhagen conference,
16 October 2009

LIVE interview about climate change effects, developing countries emissions, and Copenhagen, TV Al Jazeera,
15 October

ARD radio interview on climate impacts on US and the globe as well as US climate legislation,
8 October 2009

Weekly commentator on the US 2008 elections for DW World (in German), Germany’s public international broadcaster,
May – Nov. 2008

Several articles for daily and weekly newspapers including for Die Zeit and Grist Magazine.

Numerous articles on various international topics as editor-in-chief of hp – histerismus und politikum.

Screenwriter & director, TV documentary Aus den Medien – aus dem Sinn?, premiere German broadcast on 2 Nov 1998, Kabel 6

Freelancer for Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian public television, 2001), International Documentary Film Festival Munich (1996 – 2001), Discovery Channel (1999-2000), TV program matz (Medienzentrum Muenchen, 1997-99), et al.

Additional interviews on climate and energy policy: AlertnetAtlantic Community, Bloomberg, Carbon Climate Law Review, Die Zeit, El Norte, Financial Times Deutschland, FTSE Global Markets, Neue Energie, Handelsblatt, Leipziger Volkszeitung, Reuters, SustainabiliTank.

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